Your partner for flexible packaging,

  • whether it is single-layer or complex (laminated) films for sealing or processing on  baggers, as well as sleeves, coupons and pouches made from them.

  • the packaging may be flexible or semi-rigid, multilayer, transparent or not, whether printed or not.

  • acting as an authorized supplier of food, petfood, pharmaceutical, chemical or cosmetic manufacturers, which they sell directly or after rebranding, we offer the right product for each of our customers.

It should be noted that EPOCA produces only on specifications and does not have a price list or stock of standard films or bags.

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Films and Bags

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Films and Bags

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Films and Bags

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Taking into account the product to be packed,

  • functionality, quality of the product to be preserved or conserved, presentation, palatability, safety, production imperatives, budget, marketing, certification ...

  • small or large, square, geometric or fancy (attractive marketing), it is crucial to design a packaging that evolves in symbiosis with "its" content.

  • after analyzing the specifications, we can choose the materials and develop the concepts that correspond to your needs and present the best quality / price ratio and delays.


Our own production and our network of subcontractors severely selected allow us to present a wide and varied range.