After having interpreted the original to be printed document provided by our client to make it compatible with our printers, we propose 3 types of validation to the latter:

  • The PDF or JPG : The client gives his permission to print after viewing (Procedure used for its speed, when the range is well-known and / or the decor consisting solely of Pantone┬« colors.

  •    The Cromalin : The customer gives his authorization for printing on the basis of a color proof on special paper (GMG). Very similar to the result expected on the printer (Longer procedure due to the send/return by the customer of this test).

  •      Approval on line : The customer attends the printing start and weighs it according to his desiderata. He validates by signing directly on the medium that will become his film or his bag (The longest procedure requires to coordinate the calendars and is generally used for the launch of a new range).

It should be noted that the procedures are cumulative. Approval on line is not organized without a PDF approved and a cromalin approved.

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