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With a very good weight to surface ratio (density 0.9), the Polypropylene film has the rigorous characteristics of transparency - brilliance and resistance to puncture and tearing, essential to a product that has to meet the specific needs of safe presentation packaging . It is ideal for packaging "angular" products.

Due to his flexibility and malleability, the film has a very good machinability, which facilitates its automatic and semi-automatic operations. In addition, it's one of the easiest thermoplastics to weld :  by welding wire, infrared sealing, pulses or ultrasounds allowing to increase the production rates.

EPOCA Products can adapt or develop its products to each specific need: width, length, sliding, rigidity ...

Approved for food contact, the film Polypropylene is especially intended for automatic packaging.

The Polypropylene film can receive, among other things, a coloration in the mass, a CORONA treatment on one side to be able to print it or complex it.