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Complex film packaging, multilayer soft plastic

The composition of the complex can be up to 5 layers, in order to meet certain requirements of the content and its aggressiveness, the packaging process, but also the storage conditions and those of use such as microwaveability or water-bath cooking.

This pouch is today one of the most appreciated packaging of producers and consumers both for its price and for its small volume in waste.

It offers an ecological and energy benefit by reducing by one third the volume of packaging compared to a bottle or a can.


2 welds

Vertical hold

With lateral bellows

Special shape without bellows (triangular, hexagonal, octagonal, ...)

Special shape with bottom or side bellows (shape of bottle, ...)

Straight or rounded corners


Plugs, positioned centrally or in the corner

Specific plugs, different flow diameters (aerosol, dosers, anti-choking, sport, ...)

Custom plugs

Zip, zip with slider (multi-dose products)

Euro-hole, thurling hole

Integrated handle

Deaeration valve (coffee, steamer, ...)

Lanyard, rigid handle, cord, ...

Easy opening, laser cutting

Finishing & Treatment:

Pre-cut / Liquid / Dyed in the mass / High temperature resistance / Very transparent / Opaque / Anti-Uv / Non-slip outer layer / Blocked / Under wickett with or without metallic U...

Sector of use:

Food, Chemical, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Industrial, Advertising,...